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引峚 YǐnMì|张掖丹霞 Danxia-inspired Ceramic Tea Set

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引峚YǐnMì is a lifestyle brand inspired by the beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas. The brand aims to provide a unique and aesthetic user experience from design, craftsmanship, and storytelling.

Inspired by the colorful Danxia landforms of Zhangye, this self-used cup design uses twisted clay techniques and innovative stacking structures to reflect the characteristics of the Danxia landforms, which are known for their "layered and colorful" beauty, from both concrete and abstract perspectives.

Twisted clay techniques turn each piece into a Danxia in your hand with a unique pattern. The use of a partial double-layered structure not only simplifies the design but also provides thermal insulation for the cup. The unglazed coordinates inside the lid leaves used marks, fostering an emotional connection between the cup and the user.



DIMENSIONS  (estimate)

Recommend:  150-180ml


The set is consist of a lid (saucer), a tea strainer, and the body. The body consists of 2 parts that are pieced together during the moulding stage, to create a partial double-layered structure. This structural design has many benefits.

Simple Structure

  • Simple: Protrusions on the inner wall of the body and the midsection of the tea strainer, allowing the tea strainer to be "hidden" within the cup body.
  • Insulation: The cup body has a single layer at the upper part (better lip feel) and a double layer at the lower part (holding place) for heat insulation.
  • Scale: The protrusions on the inner wall of the body serve as a 250ml scale (usually for small tea cakes). The cup's capacity is controlled to be filled with 180ml of water, precisely touching the bottom of a coffee bag (usually brewed with 150-180ml of water).

Danxia Structure

  • The components' stack and the external "three layers with two lines" structure echo the implicit and abstract "layer upon layer" aspect of Danxia landforms. 


  • More "vibrant" color schemes: Red & Brown
  • Multi-color blending achieved through the coiling technique
  • Portray of the dynamic and intuitive aspects of the colorful Danxia landscape's sunny and shaded days, as well as when the winds blew across the hills

Collaboration of Structural Design

  • Seam line in the middle of the body: "design language,"
  • Easier to develop future product categories within the same series and facilitating collaboration with different crafts/materials and brands.
  • Lower half of the body (separately moulded): neater and more convenient change in decorative techniques and materials

Emotion Touch

  • Lid (saucer) : latitude and longitude coordinates of the Danxia landforms of Zhangye laser-engraved inside.
  • More apparent as it absorbs the essence of tea and coffee over time.
  • Serves as a distant resonance with the Zhangye Danxia, representing the "nurturing" of the object and an emotional connection between people and the item.
  • All production processes are done by hand in JingDeZhen 
  • Each product is unique in shape & drawing
  • There might be small scratches on the pottery, rough textures on the glazed surface, black spots, small pinholes, spilled glaze, and small inlaid pieces of earth in different colors. They are traces of the process of shaping the clay and applying the glaze, so please look at them naturally.
  • Exchanges and refunds are not possible for problems due to nature of ceramic products.



  • Microwave safe. However, rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface.
  • Handwash with a soft sponge.
  • Keep it dry after the wash as the bottom of the pottery that is not glazed so it may leave its stain with contact of humidity.
  • Please handle it with care.