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ENABLE: | Natural Artisanal Incense Vol.1 ~ Vol.6

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Our incense are created with a foundation of Sandalwood, Agarwood, or Cedar that is delicately blended with aromatic spices and herbal medicine. The ingredients are finely ground and mixed with pure water and organic honey, then handcrafted by experienced artisans to form its shape.

We allow our incense sticks to repose and air-dry naturally to preserve its aromas. When lit, the soft drift of smoke creates sculptural movements that illuminate the room and uplift a sense of peace. We believe that burning incense can transcend time and space, elevate one’s environment, and offer tranquility in the midst of modern living. Beyond simply indulging in the scent,

ENABLE: ® is intent on encouraging modern individuals to take a moment to embrace the present and reconnect with the inner self.


Vol.1: Sandalwood | Honey 檀香|蜂蜜

After many years, the core of aged sandalwood, which is rich in oil slowly grew out. It carries the fragrance of roses, and soft, silky milkiness within its pure, smoky wood. Dry yet mellow, it's like sitting warmly around a small campfire on a winter night. With great concentration, even the breath becomes pure and stable. In this tranquil and immaculate setting, it brings peace. In this moment, the space and time is everything. In between them, allow things unfold naturally.

Vol.2: Agarwood | Camphor | Clove 沉香|龙脑|丁香

Damp earth and rich in texture, rough yet friendly. The agarwood releases a honeydew-like sweetness, with a coolness that penetrates through your senses to the throat, leaving a fresh and comfortable sensation. Camphor, with its refreshing scent, awakens the mind, as if the long and misty rain has finally stopped, and return to the land. The addition of clove allows the aftertaste to slowly enter the body, revealing a sweet and sour charm after being roasted by fire.

Vol.3: Cedar | Mint 香柏|薄荷

This is a clear and brisk fragrance. As the night deepens, you can enjoy silence, daydream, read, and enjoy the refreshing and invigorating scent of mint. It's like stumbling upon a clear spring in a summer cave, refreshing and awakening. Tiredness disappear, the sweetness of fruit and the lingering aroma of frankincense remain. It provides a satisfying sensation similar to snacking on nuts as you journey.

Vol.4:  Cedar | Citronella 香柏|香茅

Lemongrass contains rich citral, geraniol, and citronellal, which give it a strong and intense lemony uplifting fragrance. Lemongrass is also known for insect-repelling, and when used as incense, it is often made with honey and alcohol. Cypress carries a rich and ripe fruity sweetness along with a clear and aromatic quality. It repels insects, containing abundant natural substances such as sesquiterpenes and terpenes, which provide a pleasant experience for the body and the mind.

Vol.5: Sandalwood | Nard | Lavender|Costusroot 檀香|甘松|薰衣草|木香

The incense is prepared by processing sandalwood tea to remove any fishy and dry odors, resulting in a fresher and milder fragrance with a slight hint of citrus and frankincense qualities. The roots and rhizomes of the Cassumunar ginger plant, known as "Gansong," are used. After cleaning off the outer rotten skin and black soil, they appear as yellowish flower-like shapes, offering a sweet and clear medicinal aroma. "Muxiang," which is the root of a plant in the Asteraceae family, is soaked until completely softened, then cut into fine slices. After drying, the "Muxiang" is placed on paper, repeatedly stacked and pressed firmly with a wooden board, and tied securely with a string. It is then dried in a greenhouse until the oil evaporates onto the absorbent paper. It can then be used as incense, producing a subtle floral honey fragrance. Lavender, with its rich and soothing scent, relaxes the nervous system and promotes a sense of calm and focus.

Vol.6: Sandalwood | Cedar | Apple Hydrosol 檀香|香柏|苹果纯露

Using apple hydrosol, instead of spring water in the incense blend is an interesting experiment. Sandalwood and cypress powder have absorbed the sweet apple aroma molecules, making apple one of the most familiar fruit scents in our sensory memory. This time, the apple aroma is presented individually, even without the sweet and tangy juice filling the mouth, and even without the crispy fruit flesh gently touching the taste buds. It is solely through its fragrance. Apples can also convey good wishes and the joyful vitality of life.



  • 30 sticks

  • Each stick: 75mm in length, burns for 20 minutes

  • Set includes a handmade incense stand

  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for travel or small spaces



  • Gently ignite with the blue part of the flame

  • Avoid inhaling directly towards your nose or mouth. Best enjoyed from one foot. Use your hand to waft the smoke towards yourself to appreciate the rich layers.

  • The ingredients are aromatic wood so there might be smoke produced from burning. You can open windows for ventilation if needed.

  • Store in dry environment