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Ishida|Natural Wood Chopstick

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The Ishida company has a history of over 80 years since its establishment. For a long time, they have been continuously employing the traditional Japanese "Wakasa lacquerware" craftsmanship to create lacquer chopsticks with a unique style that tantalizes the taste buds and enlivens the dining atmosphere.

The company follows an integrated process from manufacturing to sales for lacquer chopsticks. Through this, we engage in planning and development, achieving the manufacture of Wakasa lacquer chopsticks that not only respects tradition but also aligns with contemporary trends.

Ishida sincerely hopes that Japan's culinary culture can become closer to consumers through our products, contributing to its further development and prosperity.

In their various wood collection, chopsticks made using wax extracted from beehives, known as Mitsukaku wax. These chopsticks emphasize the natural color and texture of the wood itself.






  • All chopsticks are made with natural wood, so each stick has its unique shade
  • No microwave and oven
  • No dishwasher
  • Please do not expose under the sun, and keep dry at all times
  • Please do not expose to high temperature for long 
  • Please do not use for frying or wash with boiling water
  • Please wash with soft sponge