We value the senses of our everyday objects. Senses of touch, smell, taste. Our thoughtfully curated products are not just made to beautify life on the surface. Instead, they are inspiring us with the way how life should be unwound and enjoyed.

Life does not always go as perfect as we show on social media. But we are true to ourselves and to what's in our cup, so we're not afraid of getting bumped into and spilling out its real contents.


    We are constantly looking for tableware, vessels, objects and designer brands that suit our aesthetic. All our products are personally sourced and carefully selected, cultivating a library of lifestyle aesthetics tailored to confront the complexity of modern life.

    What's brought to you must have enlightened us in its own way. We keep a lookout for craftsmanship, colors and patterns, outstanding details and durability.

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We have a tiny little warehouse for keeping your next favourite objects and pieces. We call it The Shed.

A shed may just be a place for storage, or it may be somewhere to escape to in order to fantasy and create. Elsewhere it’s:

“A sea-side arbour, a garden shanty, knocked together out of driftwood and furnished with a beat-up sofa…”

from ‘Arbour’ by Kathleen Jamie


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