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Noda Horo | Couleur Saucepan

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  Since 1934, Tokyo, Japan, Noda Horo has been manufacturing beautiful products for over 80 years. Its enamelware is the signature representation of the brand’s commitment to elegant design, style, food safety, quality, and even-heating efficiency. Now, the company is famous for its cookware such as food containers, baking dishes or stockers.

  Noda Horo originally produces not only kitchenware but also physical and chemical acid-resistant enamel products. Unlike many enamelware companies, Noda Horo handles the entire manufacturing process from the making of the substrate of metal to enamel glass coating finish, all made in Japan. 

  Couleur is a one-handed pot series created with a focus on comfort. The handle is made of natural wood (cherry) that takes advantage of the color and natural texture that blends in with your interior. It is so adorable that the more you use it, the more you will grow attached to it. A one-handed pot is an essential everyday tool. It is an IH compatible product with a double-ended opening and a lid that can be used by any dominant hand.  


Body: Enamelware  
Lid & Handle: Cherry wood

Body: 29.3 x 16.1 x 13.7 cm / 1.2L 

  • Body: Gas stove and oven (250 – 300℃) safe
  • Induction or electric stoves safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Not Dishwasher safe
  • Wash and dry after using
  • Do not use tough sponge that might scratch the surface.
  • Enamelware is firm and durable but not indestructible
  • Avoid the finish cracking: Do not drop, use a nonabrasive soap and sponge to clean and dry immediately.
  • The enamel surface can be slightly uneven with tiny black dots on the back of the hem. This is a sign it’s made by hand, and it’s safe to use.
  • Some degree of airtightness, but it is not completely airtight.
  • The color, joints, and patterns of the wooden lids vary in appearance.