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Pollygarden | Dark Brown Marble Latte Mug

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Pollygarden is a ceramic studio based in Seoul, owned and operated by Min-Jeong Kim and Joo-Ah Hong, who love to explore the confluence between paintings and ceramic works.

Much inspired by flat-drawings, the products were made in the process of reinventing intuitive drawings into dimensional accumulative of clay. The idea of giving life into the clay created practical decorations and sculptures that gives new energy into our living spaces. They hope daily goods and crafts can be used in special ways by unique individuals, enjoying the products as much as they enjoyed creating them

A mug which expresses various patterns with two or three colors of soil.



High-fired Ceramics

Glossy Finish



Small: 9.5 x H5.3cm / 190ml

Large: 11 x H6 cm / 260ml



It's a mug that expresses various patterns with two or three colors of soil.

  • All products are manufactured manually at Pollygarden Studios in Seoul from start to finish.The products have a unique shape one piece at a time due to the accidental effects created by the process of pushing and cutting the soil by hand.
  • Hand-made pottery has handprints with mouth not exactly round, and there are slight differences in patterns.
  • There might be small scratches on the pottery, rough textures on the glazed surface, black spots, small pinholes, spilled glaze, and small inlaid pieces of earth in different colors. They are traces of the process of shaping the clay and applying the glaze, so please look at them naturally.
  • Exchanges and refunds are not possible for problems due to nature of ceramic products.



  • Microwave and a Dishwasher safe. However, rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface.
  • Wash with a soft sponge.
  • Keep it dry after the wash as the bottom of the pottery that is not glazed so it may leave its stain with contact of humidity.
  • Due to the nature of matte oil, it is hygroscopic, so it is recommended not to soak in water for a long time.
  • Please handle it with care.