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Tangent GC | Organic Hand Soap

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Tangent GC uses the natural mild formula, transforming the essence extracted from nature into the inner energy of the skin. It uses natural ingredients only with perfume oil made in France. Organic and vegan, it has no colouring, preservatives, and petrochemicals.

Volume 350ml

Country of origin France


Yuzu 柚然澄身


Yuzu is a citrus scent that well deserves its own stand-alone perfume. It is perhaps best described as a mineral-faceted citrus scent; a delicate blend of mandarin and grapefruit. It is not shrill like most citrus fruits but rather persuades quietly.

Oud 木沉悟身


Once the host tree is stricken by a certain kind of mould, it secretes resin in defence, turning virgin wood dark. From that darkness the coveted oud oil is extruded by means of steam distillation; generously wooden with resinous spikes.

Fir 杉林沁身


The Siberian fir, native to the taiga east of the Vol-ga, smells compelling where it stands. Pressed between your fingertips, the needles release a balsamic wood aroma as well as a resounding top note with crisp, fleeting pinene.

Kiyomi 幸会恬橙


Back in 1949, Japanese plantsmen developed a new kind of hybrid orange. Their experimental orchard lay near the Kiyomi-gata lagoon - hence the name. This citrus fruit is sweeter than the common orange. It is happy - and a bit more refined, as well.

Clover 幸运四叶


Bumblebees are lured to suckle the white clover, drawn by its elegant scent. A perfumed pollination. Clover blooms through the summer; its floral signature - with a wisp of new grass and nectar - is indeed the season's score.

Cedar 幸见雪松


The pencil cedar is used for the distillation of perfume oil as well as the manufacture of pencils, as the name suggests. Its hallmark note, that of warm and dry wood, carries with it a faintly discernible trace of wild berries.