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Tangent GC | Sportswear Detergent with Clover Perfume

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Tangent GC aims to use the most natural way to increase the lifespan of the clothes. It helps the clothes to remain its original state. With essential oil added, it is purely organic and vegan, with no cruelty and fossil.

Specially made for athletic synthetics and blends. Keeps the fabric windproof and neutralizes sweat and grease odors. When washing, please turn clothes inside out. 

Volume 500ml

Country of origin Sweden


Clover 幸运四叶


Bumblebees are lured to suckle the white clover, drawn by its elegant scent. A perfumed pollination. Clover blooms through the summer; its floral signature - with a wisp of new grass and nectar - is indeed the season's score.