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Today Well Spent | 90-day Attention Journal

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In today's attention economy and ‘respond right now’ environment, cultivating voluntary attention is your key to peak performance and mental fitness.

The Attn Journal™  is your daily interface to a scientific and systems approach to rebalancing your mental and bodily state. With it's practical and flexible framework, you can manage your whole-of-day attention around what really matters to you most.

With only 1,440 minutes in a day, over-planning or anxiously managing your time is overkill. The Attn Journal is designed to meet your need for speed and ease. With its guided Micro-Journaling™ approach, rebalancing your inner calm and clarity can be done in a matter of seconds or minutes. 

The Attn Journal is based on a refreshing method called: Attentional Intelligence™ or AQ. While IQ is for standard intelligence, and EQ is for emotional intelligence, AQ is all about harnessing directed and sustained attention. With this guided journal, you will strengthen your innate ability to voluntarily focus your attention in the present moment, with 360-degree situational awareness. 


A5 / 220 x 15mm



  • Weight: 500g
  • Pages: 240p
  • Binding: thread binding, flat spread
  • Cover: Embossed hardcover PU
  • Paper: 100g ivory acid free writing paper
  •  Available in Black or White, in English or Simplified Chinese




The Attn Journal will help you manage more than 2000 hours of your attention across 3 months if you use it everyday.