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SHANG|Smokeless Incense Series

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"SHANG means a moment,
In Chinese, Shang is used to measure time,
which is also a philosophy attitude in Chinese culture.
Each person should seek within themselves
to find their own unique moment"
In 2022, Shang established itself in Shanghai' vibrant summer
Dedicated to satisfying the emotional needs of individuals
living in a fast-paced world
by the distinct scents of Chinese culture,
reigniting their aspiration for a 'new' Chinese way of life."


Breaking the stereotype of incense stick
No smoky odor
More suitable for home use

Uniquely selected Eastern herbs
Blended with natural spice extracts
No synthetic chemicals and fragrances
Every breath is a moment with the nature

Craftsmanship of incense making
Building on tradition
Blending modern fragrance blending
Blending a whole new Eastern style
Lightweight and portable
Carry it anywhere
No more scattered ash
Easy and fast maintenance 



Ingredients: Magnolia, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, Sandalwood | 玉兰 菊花 佩兰 檀香

A sweet breeze blow through the morning sunshine to reach Magnolia blossoms with the fresh and bitter scent of Chrysanthemum. The mist from the riverbanks and the damp grassy aroma, resulting in a light and refreshing fragrance that is full of vitality.

Mood: Fresh, Vibrant, Sweet
Suitable for: Party, Bathing, Light drink
Ingredients: Wuyi black tea, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Orchid|武夷红茶,印度檀香,泰国安息香,中国佩兰

Black tea grows in the depths of Wuyi, shrouded in clouds and mist all year. The craftsman of skilled hands belnd black tea with herbs and oriental spices, smoked it gently to absorb the aroma of pine resin, flowers and fruits, achieving a subtle balance between spiciness and bitterness.

Mood: Relaxed, Warmth, Awakening
Suitable for: Home, Reading, Work


Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, Ginseng, Spikenard, Sandalwood|当归 人参 甘松 檀香

A unique blend of sweet and bitter herbal scents, balanced with a hint of woody bitterness, to find a balance between the fragrance of temple incense and the aroma of herbs. Upon lighting, it produces a trace of sweet and bitter herbal notes, surging with mystery and elegance.

Mood: Healing, Calmness
Suitable for: Sleeping, Meditation, Solitude

Ingredients: Indian sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedar, Taihang cypress印度檀香 阿曼乳香 雪松 太行崖柏

The sandalwood warmth and healing, while the pine and cypress is refreshing. The frankincense has a mysterious and enchanting fragrance, while the milk sandalwood is lazy yet restrained. The subtle presence of sandalwood and the lingering fragrance of milk, dissipate in the air.

Mood: Introverted, Gentle, Strength
Suitable for: Reading, Tea time, Meditation


  • 30 sticks/16cm (Each sticks burns for: 30-35min)
  • Set includes a incense stand
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for travel or small spaces
  • Maintain good ventilation in the room without over-ventilation, so that the fragrance is easier to spread and the lingering fragrance is more charming.
  • When the incense is just ignited, the fragrance has not yet spread. Wait for a moment and do not inhale directly into the nose and mouth and
  • After the incense is ignited, do not stand too close to smell it and avoid allowing the smoke to directly hit the nasal cavity.
  • The burning time and spread of fragrance may vary depending on the space and ventilation conditions, so the package instructions are for reference only.
  • Please choose suitable home scenarios and moments for use based on the product's efficacy and personal preferences and mood.

TIPS for burning incense

  • During the process of incense burning, please do not leave the sight range. Make sure to extinguish the fire core before going to bed.
  • Please place it in a place that children and pets cannot reach. If there is an accident, please seek medical attention promptly.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place, away from sources of ignition and flammable materials.
  • The fragrance is made from natural plants and is fragile. Please handle it gently and be careful to avoid breakage.
  • Pregnant women and infants should use it with caution.