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Zhuo Yue|Handmade Rice Bowl

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Zhuoyue made the bold decision to stay in Jingdezhen after graduating in 2016, defying her family's advice. Undeterred, she set up her own pottery studio. Through consistent practice, she honed her skills and developed a unique style, primarily focusing on creating tableware and tea sets.

Her motivation is simple yet profound – she aims to craft pottery that exudes warmth. For Zhuoyue, the first impression and tactile experience are paramount. Her goal is not just to provide aesthetically pleasing items but to create valuable pieces that emotionally resonate with people and plays a role in people's daily lives.

Zhuoyue's journey involves navigating familial opposition, self-learning, and establishing her own studio. Her artistic evolution has led her to a distinctive style centered around crafting functional, emotionally resonant pottery that adds a touch of warmth to people's lives.




DIMENSIONS  (estimate)

ø 14.5cm



  • All pieces are handmade
  • Each piece is unique in shape & drawing
  • They are traces of the process of shaping the clay and applying the glaze, so please look at them naturally
  • Exchanges and refunds are not possible for problems due to nature of ceramic products



  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Wash with a soft sponge
  • Keep it dry after the wash as the bottom of the pottery that is not glazed so it may leave stain with contact of humidity
  • Please handle with care