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GSP | Enamel Cutlery

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This series is manufactured by a long-established enamel maker in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture in Japan. Enamel is a baked glass glaze and it does not have metal smell and taste, so you can enjoy the original fragrance and flavors. Each enamel product is made by craftsmen and therefore there are individual differences in the finishing.


  • Stainless steel, enamel
  • Spoon: 18.5cm x 3.8cm
  • Fork: 18.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Teaspoon: 14cm x 2.8cm
  • Cake Fork: 14cm x 2cm
  • Coffee Measuring Spoon: 15cm x 4.2cm / 15g ground coffee 
  • All the enamel cutleries are handmade, there will be individual differences in the finish of the product
  • Please refrain from using dishwasher to avoid peeling of the enamel
  • Do not use in microwave oven
  • Avoid contact with other metal tableware to prevent from scratching