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Homestead | Wooden Cutlery

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The "Teak Cutlery" series uses teak wood, which is also called the world's three most precious woods. It is a cutlery series with a gentle atmosphere that makes you feel the warmth of handwork. Teak wood contains oil, so it has a smooth texture and resistant to water, which made it highly durable. The reddish light brown bark has a luxurious feel and the texture of natural wood fits comfortably in your hand. It is a series of wooden cutlery that goes well with a natural dining table.

The cake fork is a two-pronged fork that is perfect for cakes and sweets. It is perfect for cuteness when served on a small plate. The ice-cream spoon is a flat spoon perfect for scooping ice cream and gelato. The curved handle makes it easy to hold and has a comfortable balance.


  • Teak (olive oil finish)


  • Spoon: W 30mm × L 140mm
  • Fork: W 15mm × L 113mm
  • Please note that there may be slight variations in the grain, color, and finish of this product, as it is all handmade from natural wood. Please understand this in advance.
  • Please note that the box may tip over if the weight is concentrated on one side, and the handle may break if you put too heavy items in it.

[For long-lasting use]
Natural wood without artificial coating such as urethane.
As you use it, the color and surface of your skin will change, and the oil content will disappear, leaving the surface rough and dull. In that case, he puts a small amount of olive oil on a cloth and wipes it lightly. By repeating this process many times, the luster and flavor will come out.