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Mannen | Ceramic Grill Net

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When baked with a ceramic net, it is plump, delicious, and has the aroma of charcoal.


  • Large Black: 20cm x 20cm x 4cm  
  • Large White: 22cm x 22cm x 4cm


  • Suitable for gas stoves
  • Do not use on induction cookers
  • Use on low heat
  • Cool down before washing
  • Wash with soft cloth or sponge and neutral detergent
  • Do not use in dishwasher 

After heating for about 1 to 2 minutes, the ceramic will turn red. This is due to the bamboo charcoal component contained in the ceramic net. As a result, the far-infrared effect makes the bread delicious. The net will be hot, be careful not to get burned.

Part of the ceramic net may come off due to wear during use, but there is no problem with using it. It can also be used if it is discolored or slightly deformed by heat.

The black color may turn white due to changes in the bamboo charcoal composition after use.