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四霜 Si Shuang | 菱 Ling Collection

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Si Shuang is an artist who runs her ceramic studio in Jingdezhen. Her artistic approach is characterized by a deep curiosity and an open-mindedness that allows her to connect with nature. She takes great care in expressing her thoughts and emotions through her ceramic creations, painting her ideas onto each piece. For Si Shuang, every artwork she produces becomes a canvas for her unique feelings and emotions, resulting in a diverse collection that reflects the depth of her experiences and artistic expression. 



High-fired Ceramics


DIMENSIONS (estimate)




  • All production processes are done by hand in JingDeZhen 
  • Each product is unique in shape & drawing
  • There might be small scratches on the pottery, rough textures on the glazed surface, black spots, small pinholes, spilled glaze, and small inlaid pieces of earth in different colors. They are traces of the process of shaping the clay and applying the glaze, so please look at them naturally.
  • Exchanges and refunds are not possible for problems due to nature of ceramic products.



  • Microwave and a Dishwasher safe. However, rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface.
  • Wash with a soft sponge.
  • Keep it dry after the wash as the bottom of the pottery that is not glazed so it may leave its stain with contact of humidity.
  • Please handle it with care.